2709, 2020

Offers and Winning

September 2020

You may have seen already but for those who might have missed
it, we have launched a little offer.

We are offering you the chance for a 15% discount on any order you make this weekend on our Etsy store. It’s rare we give blanket discounts across the entire range, so don’t miss out!

Simply use […]

2109, 2020

Obvious Wants

Yes, we know it’s only September, but here at OnlyWillow we need to start thinking and talking about Christmas.

Olivia has already shared on our Instagram stories that we will have limited order slots for November and December, and we recommend that to avoid disappointment you should contact us sooner rather than later.

If the rest […]

1309, 2020

Om and unWind

Some jewellery can be more than just a beautiful adornment. Historically
in many cultures, jewellery has represented social standing and wealth.
Engagement and wedding rings are a clear symbol of a person’s marital status
understood across the world.

One functional jewellery item, that has become a popular product here at OnlyWillow, is the Spinner Ring.

Our latest Spinner Ring […]

609, 2020


Little Willow Gifts

Last week we launched another expansion of the OnlyWillow

We introduced Little Willow Gifts @little.willow.gifts as a secondary Instagram account and sister brand to OnlyWillow.

The aim is to keep our @onlywillowjewellery Instagram account exclusively for the beautiful handmade silver jewellery Olivia creates. This is the core of our company and Olivia’s true […]