706, 2020

Our Wardrobe

Part 2

We are back with the second instalment of the Our Wardrobe
series. Our product range is always growing so there will probably be a part 3 to
look forward to at some point in the future. Today though we are heading back to
look at new additions to the collection in 2017 through to this year.

A […]

306, 2020

Offers and Winning!

June 2020

It’s that time again! We’ve all struggled through another month of lockdown, some days easier than others. There has been a lot of darkness recently and the weather has changed to match. 2020 is definitely making sure it is a year to remember, but for all the wrong reasons. We want to try and […]

3105, 2020

Our Wardrobe

Part 1

OnlyWillow is well known for creating beautiful, bespoke, handmade silver jewellery pieces. Jewellery is a versatile addition to any outfit, some we wear all day everyday, they become part of our routine, identity and can have significant sentimental value.

From our photoshoot in 2019, showing how easily jewellery can start to stack […]

2705, 2020

Oh Wanderlust

A sunny day in Kirkby Stephen, May 2020.

As lockdown continues and the days blur together, weekends
and bank holidays don’t feel the same way that they used to. For most, they
were a welcome break from the working week. In retail they are can be the busiest
trading days, especially during nice weather and school holidays when people
might […]

2405, 2020

Original Work

Bespoke designs

One of Olivia’s favourite products to make are the hand/foot/paw print pieces. Every piece is unique and always means so much to the recipient. The method to create them takes longer but the outcome is worth it. Olivia attended a specialised course in 2017 to learn the technique.

The process starts with photos, multiple […]

2005, 2020

Obstacles and Warnings

Part 2

As promised in our last post we have more top tips for any budding artsy entrepreneur looking to grow a hobby into something more. Starting a business is a huge task, hopefully some of this advice gets you set up stronger right from the beginning.

Just in case you ever forget, here’s a little reminder.

Accounts; […]

1705, 2020

Obstacles and Warnings

Hindsight, they say, is 20-20. Looking back on the past, you
see everything much clearer than when you were experiencing it at the time, you
are also looking back with the knowledge and experience you gained when living
through it. Taking chances and learning from mistakes are a crucial part of
life, and definitely part of starting and growing […]

1305, 2020

Over Worked?

It’s important when starting your own business, and especially if you are working from home, to ensure you find a healthy balance regarding how to use your time. When you are self-employed, you feel a lot of pressure knowing you are the person responsible for everything, and time is a precious commodity. However pouring every […]

1005, 2020

On the Whole

Today we are going to answer some common questions we
receive regarding the jewellery making process. Creating jewellery is something
a lot of crafters might experiment with and there are so many materials one can
use, however silversmithing requires specific training and equipment.

Olivia attending her silversmithing course 2010

After completing her Textile Crafts degree from University of Huddersfield in […]

605, 2020

Offers and Winning!

May 2020

It’s a new month and the sun has re-appeared; we are feeling pretty positive and want to share that with you, so it’s time for a competition! Let’s add a little excitement to our routines with a free gift giveaway!

Ready and wrapped…

As a thank you for following this new blog and to celebrate our
recent […]