507, 2020

Outgoing or Wallflower?

What would you describe your style to be? After all, we are all unique. No one has ever had the same experiences as you. They are yours, only and forever. Those experiences can influence the choices you make. Only you know what you like, or what you don’t.

When launching a business, especially a creative retail […]

107, 2020

Ones to Watch

July 2020

This month’s Ones to Watch is all about a fantastic artist LucyJoy. We absolutely love her work, so much so that we’ve been working on a little something together… But first, why don’t you get to know her a little bit;

Hi I’m Lucy, I run my mindful art company LucyJoyArtist, creating artwork and journaling […]

2806, 2020

Open Worldwide!

Did you know that OnlyWillow has always been international?
Although we set down roots in the beautiful Eden Valley, with our shop in
Kirkby Stephen, from the very beginning we have been posting our handmade
products across the globe.

We launched our Etsy shop in 2014. It was the perfect community marketplace for our brand. Etsy prides itself on […]

2406, 2020


Olivia is always pushing herself to improve her company in every way, by constantly searching for new ways of working to create fresh opportunities, or by evaluating current standards and processes, looking to refine and perfect what she does and how it is delivered and received.

OnlyWillow is a dream come true and seeing it […]

2106, 2020

Our Women

As we get ready to begin the process of easing towards an end to lockdown, coming out of isolation and returning to normal, Olivia wanted to introduce some of the alternative faces you may see in the shop, and the other people who lend their support in-front and behind the scenes to keep OnlyWillow going […]

1706, 2020

Oh Wow!

Birthday Edition; Two Years

It was two years, yesterday, when Olivia opened the door of the OnlyWillow Jewellery and Gift Shop for the very first time. Olivia had been growing her online business for the previous four years, she had quit her full-time teaching job in order to focus on building upon the success of OnlyWillow […]

1406, 2020

Oh Wow!

Today we are starting a weeklong celebration! So, grab a glass
and raise it up.

This week we will celebrate our 1 year anniversary of moving
OnlyWillow from the shed to the shop, realising the next step in Olivia’s dream
for her business. Prepare yourselves for a bumper blog all about it on

Our first milestone thank you post in […]

1006, 2020

Ones to Watch

June 2020

OnlyWillow has been so lucky in the past to receive support
and motivation from many different individuals and businesses. We aim to share
that good karma by using our platform to share another inspirational small business
each month.

For those of you who follow us on Instagram, @onlywillowjewellery, you will have seen the many stories posted by […]

706, 2020

Our Wardrobe

Part 2

We are back with the second instalment of the Our Wardrobe
series. Our product range is always growing so there will probably be a part 3 to
look forward to at some point in the future. Today though we are heading back to
look at new additions to the collection in 2017 through to this year.

A […]

306, 2020

Offers and Winning!

June 2020

It’s that time again! We’ve all struggled through another month of lockdown, some days easier than others. There has been a lot of darkness recently and the weather has changed to match. 2020 is definitely making sure it is a year to remember, but for all the wrong reasons. We want to try and […]