June 2020

It’s that time again! We’ve all struggled through another month of lockdown, some days easier than others. There has been a lot of darkness recently and the weather has changed to match. 2020 is definitely making sure it is a year to remember, but for all the wrong reasons. We want to try and change some of that.

Olivia has been working hard as always and has been inspired by the gorgeous weather we’ve been enjoying until recently. So, we have a brand new design to launch and we are going to give our first 5 away for free!

This month’s prize! A flower shaped token, hand stamped with the message “you are my sunshine”

You know it’s summer when you start to see all those beautiful blooms, and one iconic summer flower is the sunflower. Did you know that sunflowers symbolise adoration, loyalty and longevity? We want to spread some of those good feelings, so this time we would like you to nominate someone you would like to receive this thoughtful and uplifting token as a gift.

It’s super easy to take part too;
At the bottom of any OnlyWillow website page you can submit a message.
– To enter our prize draw you need to type “sunshine” into the subject field
– Enter your contact details
– In the message box tell us who you would nominate and why.
*Please note; your entry must have “sunshine” as the subject title for your submission to count.*
Next week, we will select our winners and start spreading some more love and hopefully more sunshine as well.

Along with the keepsake flower token and decorative drawstring bag to keep it in, there will also be sunflower seeds included in the package. There is still time to get them planted and see them bloom this year.

It’s easy to see where they get their name.

Here are some quick gardening tips for planting sunflowers:

  • Best to plant between April and mid-July.
  • Ensure they will receive plenty of direct sunlight, ideally 6-8 hours a day (fingerscrosssed!)
  • The soil can’t be too compact and should drain well.
  • The soil should be nutrient rich, add an organic compost or slow release granular fertiliser if needed.
  • If possible, position the plants in an area that can be protected from strong winds.
  • The seeds should be planted about 3-4cms/1-1.5inches deep and about 15cms or 6 inches apart
  • Give the plants plenty of room to grow.
  • Water around the root zone while the plant is small.
  • Once more established water less often but more deeply to encourage the root growth.

Good luck with your blooms! If you do decide to plant some homegrown sunshine this summer, we would love to see your progress!
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Stay Safe and Shop Local where you can.

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Written by Siobhan Green.