May 2020

It’s a new month and the sun has re-appeared; we are feeling pretty positive and want to share that with you, so it’s time for a competition! Let’s add a little excitement to our routines with a free gift giveaway!

Ready and wrapped…

As a thank you for following this new blog and to celebrate our recent body positive collaboration, we want to reward our readers and viewers with the chance to win something shiny to perk up your day.

Lockdown is hard. It doesn’t even really need saying at this point, we’ve heard it a million different ways by now, but that doesn’t necessarily make it easier. We have to take it as an opportunity, whether you’re learning a new skill or maybe rekindling an old passion. Possibly you’re making an effort to be more active or perhaps you’re using the time to rest and relax, maybe you’re starting some self development or finishing home improvements, the important thing is to do whatever you need to, to feel happy and healthy.

An iconic Ru Paul Charles quote,
can I get an Amen?

Knowing yourself and owning it can be a huge mind shift. Accepting yourself, perceived flaws and all, isn’t something that can happen overnight. We all suffer from insecure thoughts, it’s probably the one thing every single person always has in common. We are our own harshest critics and it can be difficult to live up to the high imaginary standards we set for ourselves. Loving yourself seems to be one of the most difficult but significant things we can do.

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At OnlyWillow we are all about boosting positivity, although it is tricky and we work at converting that critical voice into our confidence champion every day. Not only do we want to lift ourselves up, we want to support and encourage others. Shifting that ingrained mentality where we feel we must be in competition with those around us, seeing them as adversaries in their success, instead of colleagues we can learn from and work with, is a decision we consciously make until it becomes a new normal. It takes 30 days to form a routine, and the phrase practise makes perfect is well known for a reason.

So, in celebration for our collective growth, individuality, strength and happiness we are giving away a beautiful short silver chain necklace with silver heart and rose gold bee pendant.

Silver heart and rose gold bee necklace
Our prize for one lucky competition winner!

To enter is simple, we will ask a question relating to the recent collaboration video, you need to submit your answer as a message, found at the bottom of the web page.
Please include your name and email, which we can use to contact you when you win, (think positive *wink wink*).
In the subject field type “Offer Winner” and then add your answer in the message box.

We will then choose a correct answer at random on Wednesday May 13th, and announce it in that day’s blog, as well as on our social media.

So here is the important part… the question:

In the collaboration video, what is the final message?

Good luck!

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Written by Siobhan Green