Today we are starting a weeklong celebration! So, grab a glass and raise it up.

This week we will celebrate our 1 year anniversary of moving OnlyWillow from the shed to the shop, realising the next step in Olivia’s dream for her business. Prepare yourselves for a bumper blog all about it on Wednesday…

Our first milestone thank you post in 2015

First though, this week begins with a massive thank you to every one of you! OnlyWillow started back in 2014 as a passion project of Olivia’s. Through her hard work, perseverance and love, we are now reaching out to and supported by thousands of you amazing people. This company means everything to us and knowing that you are out there, genuinely loving the products and content, bring us such joy.

Today, we have reached a new follower milestone on both of our social media platforms! With over 4000 followers on Facebook and now over 3000 on Instagram! Thank you to every single one of you. Supporting a small business with a like and a follow costs nothing but means everything to us, and we want you to know how grateful we are. Thank you.

And while we are in a celebratory mood, we need to share with you our winners from the latest Offers and Winning giveaway! We have 5 lucky winners, who have nominated a special someone to receive their free ‘You Are My Sunshine’ flower token.

Congratulations to;

Anthea Bowman

Rhian Hewitt

Jennie Moore

Morgan Sowerby

Chris Whitehead

Please contact us at so we can collect your nominee’s address information and get their new tokens in the post as soon as we can!

Stay Safe and Shop Local where you can.

For even more OnlyWillow, visit our Instagram and Facebook.

Written by Siobhan Green.