Some jewellery can be more than just a beautiful adornment. Historically in many cultures, jewellery has represented social standing and wealth. Engagement and wedding rings are a clear symbol of a person’s marital status understood across the world.

One functional jewellery item, that has become a popular product here at OnlyWillow, is the Spinner Ring.

Our latest Spinner Ring design

Did you know it is more than just an unusual design?

Spinner Rings, also known as Meditation Rings, can be used to help reduce mild anxiety symptoms and relax the mind.

The design is inspired by Tibetan Prayer Wheels, which are spinning cylinders on a spindle that can be made from a variety of natural materials. They are then carved with a mantra along the outer edge of the wheels, most commonly the mantra “Om mani padme hum”. Prayer wheels are used by Buddhists to accumulate wisdom and good karma, and purify negativity or bad karma.

The Om is a sacred sound and spiritual symbol used by many Indian religions. It represents consciousness and the essence of the ultimate reality. The sound “Om” can be used during meditative Yoga.

But how does a ring help with anxiety?

When feeling anxious, many feel a need to fidget. The wringing of hands is a clear indication of worry or stress and is a symptom of the anxious need to do something. Some people, when suffering from feelings of anxiety and stress will bite or pick at their nails, and in more extreme cases even the surrounding skin.

A Spinner Ring is designed and intended to be fiddled with, giving the wearer an outlet for the negative energy they can experience. It can be used as a physical focus to concentrate on when feeling overwhelmed and is much more discreet than other physical tells.

The ring itself is, unfortunately, not a magical anxiety cure. But it is a tool you can use to reduce other negative behaviours and build better habits to manage your anxiety.

How does a Spinner Ring work?

Commonly, a Spinner Ring is intended to be worn on the index finger, where the thumb can then easily manipulate the moving parts of the ring.

By combining the physical action of spinning the ring with deep regulated breaths the wearer can create a sense of structure and calm. Using the spinning motion of the ring to remind yourself to slow down your breathing can also help to reduce the symptoms of an anxiety attack. The tactile input from spinning the ring can distract your current train of thought and give you something else to think about, especially if those thoughts are a subject that can be upsetting or cause you stress.

Anxiety cannot just be ‘wished away’ or ignored, but there are healthy coping strategies you can introduce into your routine to help reduce stress and negativity. Of course, if you suffer from more severe anxiety symptoms, a Spinner Ring will not substitute a more comprehensive treatment.

Creating positive associations with the ring and the action of spinning can increase the beneficial and calming effect the ring can have. Some find happy thoughts or experiences that you can mentally associate with spinning the ring to be enough to trigger that remembered feeling of calm or happiness.

Others can prefer to repeat an affirmation or personal mantra to build confidence and feelings of empowerment. Simple phrases like “I’m a good person” or “my anxiety doesn’t control me” can be powerful if they resonate with you. Associating the ring with a loved one can also work well, especially if the ring was a gift from them too.

Once you have and are wearing your new Spinner Ring, you can begin to form these positive associations and healthier coping techniques. Try to fidget with and spin the ring at times when you feel calm, as well as when you begin to feel more anxious and stressed. This will build the association that the ring creates calm and isn’t just for when you are suffering from anxiety.

When using the ring to calm yourself, try to continue spinning the ring until you have fully recovered from the feelings of anxiety that triggered the use in the first instance. Over time and repetition, this should help increase the effectiveness of this action association for you.

OnlyWillow’s first Spinner Ring

Olivia created her first Spinner Ring design when initially learning to make jewellery and becoming a silversmith. She kept it for herself. It has very strong positive associations for her, especially around becoming a jewellery maker and fulfilling her dreams of being a creative business owner. She wears it often and fidgets with it too.

If you think a Spinner Ring could help, please feel free to get in touch and we can begin to design one especially for you. All our rings are made to measure and remember we can use silver, gold or rose gold.

As we’ve mentioned via Instagram, our slots for Christmas are limited, so if you would like to order something for someone special we recommend sooner rather than later to avoid any disappointment.

We hope that some of you will find this advice helpful and beneficial. Don’t forget everyone copes with stress in different ways and we hope you are all as happy and healthy as possible. If you feel like you need more, please reach out to your loved ones or alternatively seek advice from local professionals.

Single gold band Spinner Ring

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Written by Siobhan Green.