As you will know if you follow OnlyWillow on Instagram, Olivia loves a good walk.

Walking outdoors has a multitude of benefits for both mental and physical health.

No editing needed; perfect blue skies and vibrant greenery, an idyllic British countryside

We all know that a decently paced walk can raise the heart rate and help burn some of those ‘lockdown diet’ calories. A 30 min brisk walk can burn up to 150 calories. Alongside potential weight loss, walking can tone and strengthen muscles, whilst also improving circulation and lowering blood pressure. Increasing the walk time to 45 minutes and over will activate the need to use your body’s stored fat reserves, converting it into the energy needed to complete your exercise.

Our furry friends are great motivators to get us outside, even when the weather isn’t at its best.

Paused paws; Nala taking a moment to enjoy some shade

Having nice long walks as part of a regular routine can increase creativity, inspiration and productivity. Physical activity can distract and disconnect the conscious mind, allowing your subconscious to work on a problem you may have been overthinking.

Getting out of your normal surroundings can give you a fresh perspective. By looking at something in a new way you can create connections you might not have considered before.

By walking outdoors, you will increase your exposure to natural light, which is vital in absorbing vitamin D. This nutrient, present in the skin and activated by sunlight, also reduces the risk of heart disease and weight gain.

So many beautiful views to savour and explore

In the beautiful surroundings of the Eden Valley, Olivia is often directly inspired by the gorgeous local countryside. On our Etsy store, we have an entire collection of pieces representing a variety of flora and fauna, titled the Eden Collection.

Everyone has a favourite animal, chosen for specific reasons personal to them. Our range includes a wide range of animals many people favour, however if your fave isn’t yet included, Olivia is always happy to create personalised commissions on request.

A selection of silver rings

Many of our animal jewellery items are formed using hand carved moulds and the pieces can be made into a variety of different jewellery products, including earrings, pendants, charms and rings.

Some say that the choice of your favourite animal can represent or reflect certain personality types…

Bee; a reminder that it’s possible to do well for yourself and the world, people who love bees prefer harmony yet are willing to work for it.

Deer/Stag; can mean you are gentle, loving and compassionate, can be a protector of others and have good intuition and sensitivity.

Elephant; often asked for your advice due to an air of wisdom and intelligence, can make great leaders but are happy to let others lead too. Family is very important to you.

Fox; can be shy and reserved at first, but once you warm to someone, you’re a great conversationalist.

Horse; known to be patient, considered strong and reliable, calm and trustworthy people tend to love horses.

Rabbit; generally quiet and peaceful, can appear delicate but often found to be strong and practical despite their sweetness.

Squirrel; athletic and energetic, always moving and confident, prefer a fast paced lifestyle.

Whale; use they’re grace to handle adversity with aplomb, people often rally round your cause. Tend to be wonderfully and unapologetically genuine.

We hope you’re finding the time for yourself and a walk, come rain or shine we are lucky to have some amazing local landscapes across the UK.

Stay Safe and Shop Local where you can.

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Written by Siobhan Green.