July 2020

This month’s Ones to Watch is all about a fantastic artist LucyJoy. We absolutely love her work, so much so that we’ve been working on a little something together… But first, why don’t you get to know her a little bit;

Hi I’m Lucy, I run my mindful art company LucyJoyArtist, creating artwork and journaling resources that are aimed at helping find calm in our busy lives. You will find me on Facebook and Instagram @LucyJoyArtist

If you are looking for a space for quiet and help to find a way to calm a busy mind, then I have lots for you. Through what I make I want to help you to find a way to get a bit of what you need in all this craziness of life. 

I create artwork that is a great talking point – some using a technique I love, called ‘oneliners’. These pieces are made of one continual line, it’s a nod to life, to keeping going and not giving up when life throws all sorts of twists and turns your way. These pieces vary from super complex (I have done several family portraits, one of which has 26 people!), to some much simpler ones which help me to focus and slow down. I try to share videos of these on my social media and YouTube they are called ‘Slowdown Oneliners’.  

I also have lots of illustrations. I have written and illustrated several books and create some hand lettered wall, art which often comes with a journaling page to work through. I love this as you can really begin to create and understand your connection to your piece. It makes it truly personal to you. 

I have spent a long time working through how to make sure what I create is being responsible with the resources I use. I researched all sorts of plastic free and recycled postage options and came to the conclusion that the best use is to avoid it where ever possible so my artwork and products range from originals, printed to order and digital downloads. Those physical products which are posted are sent in as little plastic as possible. 

I am based in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland. It’s a magical place surrounded by mountains and a sea Loch just down the road. We are truly spoilt by the beauty around us, but I remind myself everyday how lucky I am to be here. 

Dance like No One is Watching, downloadable journaling page and wall art, available on Etsy.

I have been working on creating a business and selling my artwork for a few years now. It’s something I have gradually increased as time allows. So, my business officially began about a year ago. 

My journey to this point has been something that has not only moulded where and how my business has come to life but also myself. I am not from Scotland originally and moved up here when I was 8 months pregnant with my second daughter, with my first not yet walking. Life was crazy and we had to not only find our feet in a new place but meet new people and move from rented to our own house within the first year of being here. I was at my limit, trying to settle into all this newness, and within the first 3 months our dog got sick and died too. It was a crazy time and I was working and working my hardest. I realised after a while that I didn’t feel like myself, I felt like I didn’t have a name and I was just doing lots of things but didn’t know what to do for myself. 

Care Packages, available on Etsy. Choose an original piece of art and a mini encouragement card to send to someone special.

I met a friend who I found myself telling that I loved to paint and draw and that it was just something I couldn’t do at the moment. She challenged my thoughts on it leaving me wondering why I stopped. So, one day during nap time I started, I drew, which then moved onto painting and then I found I had actually created a book. I was encouraged to show some of my paintings in a local show and suddenly realised that I was coming ‘back to life’. The thing that lit my fire was creating, and I had not cared for it and it had almost gone out.

The work I make now and the journaling and ideas I share come from this understanding of feeling lost and understanding the need to nurture our own magic to keep our fire alight. Everyone has that need and everyone needs to work that muscle in some way or another. For me it’s creating and that’s where I can talk from, but the principles are the same for anything. We must recognise what is an integral part of our being and nurture it to help us be the very best version of ourselves. 

Through my artwork I encourage you to see the picture but also the journey of the line, taking time to follow it and stop to take it in, it gives your mind time to catch up, to rest, to breathe. 

These ‘Time for You’ journaling cards are downloadable and available on Etsy

The journaling is a more directed guide to help lead you to take this space and quiet and use it. They are flexible and can be used anywhere at anytime. With the idea that life is busy, and when there is quiet we so often reach for our phone and do mind numbing things instead of nurturing, which we can do through these guides. 

I am inspired by so many things, I often joke that my mind is like a bumble bee buzzing from one flower to the next. I love to look for the joy in things, for the life and energy. I create things that I see that in, sometimes it’s flowers, people and recently I did a ski scene after chatting to a friend who was just sharing her love for the slopes. 

Ski Scene Oneliner – available on Etsy

I love to play with words too and write them in a memorable way, I have lots of quotes and Bible verses up around my house because I feel we have a choice about what we fill our eyes and our mind with, so by choosing artwork and quotes which speak to you it helps to keep putting the good stuff in and leaving less room for the bad. 

I must say my favourite part of what I do is the people, I love to hear how people have connected with things. How they have made progress and developed through making time for themselves and how they have made intentional choices to fill their life, mind, homes with good. This energy and passion is contagious and if I can be a tiny part in the jigsaw that gives someone a smile or boost, they can then pass it on and on. That is what all of this is about, making our little part of the world more beautiful by being in it. 

Inner Voice “Be Brave”

I think my biggest difficulty has been myself, I am a terror for telling myself “I can’t” and that people will think this or that. I have done a lot of work on learning which voice to listen to, do we want to listen to the negative grump or the positive hope? As is the way with me, I made a little character so I could picture this better and remind myself of the need to be brave and try. I have a collection called ‘inner voice’ which is filled with those little boosts you need to push you on. I have to remind myself again and again to keep going and keep trying and through that we learn so much. 

My next plan is to create a course that can help guide people through how to get creative and be mindful, be focused and learn how to care for their own mental wellbeing though creative processes. I have just released ‘Mindfully Creative’ a set of journal cards which can be downloaded and help to guide you through simple techniques that you can use anywhere and just gives your mind a breather. I am also working on regular videos I’m sharing on YouTube as well. I plan for this year to be really exciting and helpful year for many reasons. 

Thank you Lucy for sharing your creative journey, it’s a story a lot of people can really relate to and be inspired by. Her work is beautiful, quirky and meaningful, so please go check it out and share some love.

Lucy has an email list and will keep regular updates on there, you can sign up Here

You can browse through her inspirational and vibrant work on her website LucyJoyArtist.com, her Instagram and on Facebook. Don’t forget to check out her Etsy too.

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Written by Siobhan Green.