Little Willow Gifts

Last week we launched another expansion of the OnlyWillow company.

We introduced Little Willow Gifts as a secondary Instagram account and sister brand to OnlyWillow.

The aim is to keep our @onlywillowjewellery Instagram account exclusively for the beautiful handmade silver jewellery Olivia creates. This is the core of our company and Olivia’s true passion, but it is not the only string in our bow.

As we’ve shown in previous blogs, and in the Instagram stories yesterday, our shop in Kirkby Stephen is home to a myriad of products. In that range we also stock a wide selection of other talented crafters and makers, some of whom have been part of our ‘Ones to Watch’ series.

With a background in Textiles before becoming a Silversmith, Olivia has always used various materials when creating pieces. The Little Willow Gifts range of products will allow Olivia and OnlyWillow to continue creating and designing in more than metal.

We often talk about how busy we are with orders, and that motivation and maintaining productivity are often a struggle. So why create a separate Instagram account? Surely that means even more work added to the load?

Olivia and Poppy, New Year 2020

In our blog ‘Our Women’ we introduced the women working alongside Olivia who make OnlyWillow continue to thrive and grow. You may recall, one of our talented team members Poppy. We are excited to announce that Poppy will be the driving creative force for Little Willow Gifts. Poppy began working with Olivia whilst completing her A-Levels, and with her hard work and dedication, has proved that she is more than capable of becoming a more integral part of our company.

Learning to share responsibilities with colleagues is vital when developing and growing a business. No matter how strong and capable you are, one person can only do so much. For Olivia, this means she can continue to see her business expand whilst maintaining focus on where her skills are needed.

P is for Personalised Products (and Poppy)

So, what is Little Willow Gifts?

Little Willow Gifts is the name we have given to our sister brand within OnlyWillow.

It will encompass the gift side of OnlyWillow Jewellery and Gifts. By separating on social media, it’s a way for us to showcase our full range of products and ideas, without detracting from our core jewellery range.

*twinkle twinkle little Star* silver glitter motif on a white cotton sleeveless baby grow

What are Little Willow Gifts?

Currently the range focuses on personalised products that can be commissioned and made to order. We have begun to present some examples on the Instagram page, and you will notice that the selection is more fabric based, including a variety of clothing lines and accessories, but will include homeware items too.

Poppy modelling an OnlyWillow exclusive,
a branded leather jacket

Where can I get Little Willow Gifts?

We have a separate Instagram account,, where we will show the products we have available and where we can be contacted.

We still have our website here at where orders can be made, and the new lines will begin to appear.

Contact us anytime with your queries or design ideas,

Stay Safe, Shop Small and Local where you can.

For even more OnlyWillow, visit our Instagram and Facebook.

Written by Siobhan Green