Olivia is always pushing herself to improve her company in every way, by constantly searching for new ways of working to create fresh opportunities, or by evaluating current standards and processes, looking to refine and perfect what she does and how it is delivered and received.

OnlyWillow is a dream come true and seeing it flourish and grow is overwhelmingly fulfilling. As a creative person, she is constantly inspired by others and seeks to share that experience, to ensure her success is shared by all. Every change, every development, is a step forwards towards a better everything.

And our next step forward involves some exciting news!

We are looking for new Brand Ambassadors for OnlyWillow!

So what is a Brand Ambassador?

A Brand Ambassador is someone who endorses a company and raises awareness, usually through social media or advertising. Most major companies have a celebrity endorser. A prime example would be someone like Gary Lineker and his affiliation with Walkers crisps, but these days anyone can become an influencer.

We are looking for five people to become our Brand Ambassadors. They will receive a free OnlyWillow product and in return, they would need to photograph themselves wearing it and post it on their social media platform. We would ask that a selection of photos are uploaded a minimum of five times over a 4-6 week period, including a tag for @onlywillowjewellery.

The Brand Ambassador would potentially receive up to 3 items from us throughout the course of a year, to photograph, wear and keep.

The best bit? Anyone can apply! In fact, we want everyone to apply! We would love a true and varied representation of all our customers and followers.

It’s easy to apply, simply direct message Olivia on Instagram, @onlywillowjewellery, stating your interest. Olivia will then select five individuals to become our first Brand Ambassadors.

We look forward to hearing from you all!

And to the lucky five… we can’t wait to see what amazing handmade pieces you receive and how creatively you choose to wear and photograph them.

Stay Safe and Shop Local where you can.

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Written by Siobhan Green.