As we all know, the whole world is experiencing some serious weirdness right now, and as a small business these could prove to be make or break months for us, so we want to make the most of these weeks ahead to ensure this lifelong dream continues when the world wakes back up again from this strange slumber.

Firstly, thank you to all our customers, and all of you who have supported us in any way. Whether you simply like and share on our social media or make a purchase for yourself or as a gift, every little bit of support we receive goes a long way for a small business like ours, and we greatly appreciate it.

 As some of you may know from following our social media, Olivia the owner and founder of OnlyWillow, has severe asthma which puts her in the high-risk portion of the population, and for her own safety, she has been in full isolation for almost 4 weeks now.

handmade silver jewellery
Olivia has had to set up a studio from home recently, where she is working from the garden while the sun is shining.

Some of you may also know that Olivia is highly motivated and almost constantly in motion, working on several projects at once and usually in multiple places. Therefore, being confined to her house has some positive and negative outcomes, on both professional and personal levels.

Easter is all about new beginnings and we are making the most of this opportunity. Taking inspiration from nature to start something we’ve thought about but previously put on hold. By writing this blog we can share with you the how and why of what we do here at OnlyWillow and why we love it.

Now as amazingly multitasking-talented as Olivia might be, she had to accept that at some point there is only so much one person with two hands can do in the given hours of the day… and as a savvy business woman she also realised that she had to prioritise her time for her designing and making, and some things had to be delegated to others. So, she has enlisted the help of an old Uni friend, and fellow crafty person, to help get this blog going, who will be writing and posting based on themes and ideas direct from Olivia and the (temporary) OnlyWillow base, freeing her up for making all the beautiful bespoke pieces we’ve all come to look at and fall in love with.

We hope you follow us on this journey as we grow and develop, as even when the world feels to be slowing down, we will continue to push ourselves, striving to succeed and keep living the dream

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Written by Siobhan Green