Bespoke designs

One of Olivia’s favourite products to make are the hand/foot/paw print pieces. Every piece is unique and always means so much to the recipient. The method to create them takes longer but the outcome is worth it. Olivia attended a specialised course in 2017 to learn the technique.

The process starts with photos, multiple images are used to build layers and then the picture is digitally edited to create cleaner edges and flipped to a negative. This process requires time and finesse, as if it is not prepared correctly at this point the piece will not look effective when complete, but the only way to know that is to make it. This can mean a lot of time and material wasted and multiple practises were needed early on to hone this skill. The negative image is then printed onto poly plate, which is exposed to UV light on silver clay to create a stamp. The clay stamp is then left for at least 24 hours to dry. Once the piece has been created in silver, through the usual process of firing the silver, soldering and pickling, it is then polished by hand to protect the intricate and unique details. These pieces are usually oxidised to create a stronger contrast and to highlight those fine details that make each hand/foot/paw print completely unique.

Such a beautiful and meaningful gift for an unforgettable occasion

Personalised Commissions

Being able to take commissions means being able to create something to the exact specifications of what a customer wants. Olivia loves making jewellery and her own designs have been received so well by so many, every piece she makes is unique in its own way. Yet making the jewellery dreams of other’s come true brings another level of happiness to her work.

This ‘Golden Child’ bangle was ordered by someone wanting something special, for someone special for their 21st birthday.

We’ve all had an idea in mind of the perfect jewellery gift or treat and spent time unsuccessfully searching for it in the generic places. Sometimes having the personalised piece specially made can be the best choice. Jewellery is a great gift to commemorate a specific event, like an anniversary or birthday. Being made in precious metals like sterling silver means it lasts significantly longer than chocolates or wine, and jewellery always fits no matter what your lockdown diet may have devolved into. Sometimes posting these blogs is the only thing giving our week some regular structure, so we hope they are helping you too.

Our friend Sarah with her bunny ring

“My bunny ring- my little fluffy mates have been by my side more and for longer than some ‘mates’ and seen me through a lot! This ring is a nod to how beautiful these animals are 🐰❤️

Anyone who has made a commission order with OnlyWillow will know the level of care and devotion put into the making process to ensure your item fulfils all your desires. There will be a lot of communication back and forth to clarify the exact design details, maybe with a few sketches thrown in. Olivia loves making her jewellery, but she wants you to love it just as much and turning a dream idea into reality can be as rewarding as it is difficult.

The safest and happiest place to keep those new keys, and a great way to celebrate a significant milestone

“Thank you thank you…
it’s even more special because you live one village away..
And week by week you reach more and more people and we get to have you right here 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽❤️❤️❤️ making every memory special

We love to get your feedback and some of you may have seen the story posted on Instagram asking for you to tell us about the pieces you love and have had made by Olivia. Thank you so much for getting in touch. We love to see your posts so please tag away, sharing joy is one thing we can all do in lockdown.

Stay Safe and Shop Local where you can.

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Written by Siobhan Green.