The national lockdown and government recommended self-isolation has to be the most momentous change to our lifestyles we may ever see.

This new situation affects us all differently and how it makes us feel can vary from day to day, hour to hour. At times it can feel overwhelming and its important to reach out and get support from those around you in times of need.

Due to suffering from a severe case of asthma, Olivia has been isolating since the 20th of March and as a very social person, some days are more difficult than others.

We will all have different methods to cope with these changes, some will be productive whilst others will be purely for entertainment. Here are some of the ways Olivia kept herself busy and safe during the past few weeks;

Sunset ft. Nala April 2020
Take a breath and relax, take a moment to just bask, take a photo so it lasts.

One Walk

Taking only one walk a day feels restrictive when previously we’ve been free to leave at any time, so you’ve got to make the most of it. For Olivia, taking daily walks with Nala enjoying some much nicer weather and gorgeous rural surroundings helps add structure and routine to an otherwise hectic schedule. One of the great things about a business like OnlyWillow is that no two days are ever the same, but that can also have negative effects too, so finding balance is key.

It’s easy to maintain social distancing out in the vast Cumbrian countryside and daily exercise can be highly motivating. Being out in nature provides plenty of inspiration and sunshine is excellent at elevating your mood. It is healthy to take regular breaks to maintain productivity, whether that is taking a walk, doing yoga or maybe even housework, something active and with a goal to complete to give a sense of accomplishment can work wonders turning around a bad day.

garden workspace
Temporary garden workshop

Outdoor Workshop

This beautiful spring weather we’ve currently been enjoying has afforded the opportunity to get outside, into the garden and continue working. A simple lap-based setup with a folding chair and table, just large enough for all the essentials for small makes, such as keyrings and jewellery charms. For more substantial pieces, there are plenty of other surfaces to work on and great views to enjoy. Keeping on top of the admin is much easier in the sunshine too, it might actually be difficult to go back inside when the time comes…

Makeshift making space

When the weather isn’t as glorious, its easy to move this arrangement indoors, working from the living room floor or spare bedroom. However with multiple projects on the go, the clutter can grow a bit unbearable so the rather spacious under-the-stairs cupboard has now also been converted into a mini office, using some left-over tiles from redecorating the utility room, so it is looking very official.

*Bonus; it also kept Mr OnlyWillow occupied for a day too!

Online With…

Keeping in touch with friends, family and our followers is essential. We are social animals so that aspect of isolation is proving to be one of the most difficult, so learning to reach out is vital, even if it is digitally. Booking in calls with loved ones each day helps, group video calls with friends can give much needed breaks, but also can be done whilst making. OnlyWillow has always been active on our various social media so that hasn’t really changed, but some of the content obviously had to. We love to see happy customer pics so please tag away; your joy brings us joy! We greatly appreciate all your comments, every like and share.

A pocket sized hug keyring

Everyday is different, and everyone will be affected differently by what is happening. We may be isolating but we are not alone.

Stay safe and Shop Local where you can.

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Written by Siobhan Green