It’s important when starting your own business, and especially if you are working from home, to ensure you find a healthy balance regarding how to use your time. When you are self-employed, you feel a lot of pressure knowing you are the person responsible for everything, and time is a precious commodity. However pouring every moment you have into work isn’t healthy and sometimes this is a lesson learned the hard way. It took a while before Olivia was comfortable enough to start delegating certain jobs to others, one example being this blog and another would be having an extra pair of hands to help cover the shop twice a week to give Olivia a day off or the chance to get away.

Never underestimate the humble but versatile notebook

Olivia has perfected her current routine, especially after 8 weeks in isolation. Her main organisation tool is her diary, where she catalogues every order. At the beginning of each week, she lists all the jobs she wishes to complete and plans them into allocated time slots assigned to each day. With every work week containing a different selection of orders to complete, this is the most efficient way Olivia has found to manage her workload.

Starting the day the right way

An average day will start at around 7am, beginning with some morning yoga. Olivia has been practising yoga on and off for almost 15 years and has been starting each day with half an hour of yoga for the past month. She finds it starts her day in a calm and positive way, whilst also feeling the benefit for her mental health.

After breakfast, from 9am until around 11am, is when the company accounting gets done. This is something that took a long time to become routine, it is obviously not as exciting as making jewellery but is vital to ensuring the business continues to run smoothly and successfully. It’s important to dedicate adequate time to every aspect of the business. In some cases, it may make sense to outsource certain tasks, yet so far Olivia has managed to maintain her own accounts. This encourages a certain sense of pride, as it is something she wouldn’t consider to be a particular strength, but rather a skill she has learned over time.

Afternoon walks in the beautiful Cumbrian countryside

Before lunch, there’s still a good hour of making time to be squeezed in. A creative reward after a morning of paperwork. Then while the pieces pickle or polish there’s time for lunch and a long walk with Nala. The rest of the afternoon is usually dedicated to more making, and if the weather suits that can take place outdoors. When it comes to orders, mixing up projects, working on different pieces or styles helps keep the mind challenged and active.

Prosecco in hand, dog in lap… living the best life

In the evening, Olivia tries finish her workday at around 6.30pm. This provides a reasonable amount of down time, enjoyed with a glass of wine, a nice meal and time with her significant other. As a former Food Tech teacher Olivia loves cooking and spending time in the kitchen, as another way to be inventive. Scheduling time away from work is just as important as organising time for work. Before lockdown, Olivia would enjoy socialising with friends and family on a regular basis, mini-breaks away, even having lunch out to spend time away from the shop. Sat watching Corrie in an evening, Olivia also loves to hand sew bears and bunnies.

Whether you are working or not during this time, we hope you are finding balance and staying healthy.

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Written by Siobhan Green.